Mysore Hornstull


Ashtanga Yoga classes with Sofia starting in Hornstull, Stockholm.

Start date: 1th March 2019.


Information - Yoga Classes

In the beginning of March Sofia will start teaching Ashtanga Mysore yoga for all levels again in a yoga studio in Hornstull, Sweden,

two minute walk from the metro station Hornstull.


Morning class timing will be flexible, meaning that you can drop in and practice for about 45-90 minutes depending on your lenght of practice and morning schedule. Sofia's schedule is available below.  Also read what Mysore Style yoga is below "What is Mysore Style" to get a clear picture of this practice.


If you wish to join a class, please contact Sofia beforehand. Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous practice experience, age, size & injuries.


If you are completely new to Ashtanga, you need to learn the Ashtanga Sun Salutations by heart BEFORE joining this program. Below the text you'll find a demo video of Sun Salutation A & B. You do NOT need to know more than so to join Mysore class, it is for ALL levels of practicioners! 


To give everyone a chance to practice we keep the prices very low compared to most yoga studios in Stockholm. Pricing is available below.


Note! Bring: your own yoga mat, towel and shampoo. There is a changing room with bathroom and shower available if you want to shower before or after the class. Always wear clean clothes to class!



Upcoming Workshops:

24/3 Sunday:
Ashtanga Yoga & Philosophy

workshop from 09.00-13.00

Find more info in event-link below:

For private classes, contact

Learn the Sun Salutation A before joing your first class!

Learn the Sun Salutation B before joing your first class!



Mysore class open 06.30-09.00*

(Program starting 1/3-2019)


*You can drop-in from 06.30 to 08.00, class finishes latest at 09.00. Sofia starts teaching at 07.00-09.00. (New students starts after 7)


Your length of practice can be from 45 minutes to 90 minutes (depending on your morning time schedule and lenght of practice taught from your teacher).


See calendar below!


First class 50 kr

Drop-in (after 1st) 180 kr

7-classes 980 kr (á 140 kr)

10-classes 1300 kr (á 130 kr)

15-classes 1800 kr (á 120 kr)

Private class 750 kr


Contact to book your first class.


You can pay when you arrive to class or beforehand.

Sheet for Primary Series

Sheet for Intermediate Series

If it is your first time doing Mysore Style, I reccomend you to read this before joining a class: